Commercial Electrician Auckland

Do you need an electrician in Auckland? We specialise in all things electrical - repairs and maintenance, emergency lighting, thermal tagging, garden lighting, LED upgrades and more. We provide commercial and residential services in Auckland with professionalism and expert experience. We pride ourselves on our high safety, ethics and working standards, as well as our first aid training in the event of an accident or injury. As a company of 20 years, we know that you require the best. That’s why we are fully insured, certified master electricians.

When we talk about thermal imaging, we mean serious business. Thermal imaging is used to detect the temperature and conditions of your electrical equipment. Doing the tests annually is recommended, as businesses can suffer fire damage or injury in the event of an electrical incident. Doing these tests on an annual basis not only reduces the risk of electric fires but also improves the system performance of your electrical equipment. At any rate, excessively high temperatures in your electrical equipment isn’t a good thing so it’s important to test them regularly.

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